Monday, March 25, 2013

Scam Sites

You must carefully with this sites : 

- - is a scam reporting site maintained by the government. There is a lot of information on scams and how to report them. A very useful site. Once you report your scam you can be sure that it will be investigated.

- - anything to do with federal mail being involved this is the site to visit and report a scam. Postal investigators investigate scams that the US mail was involved in.

- - the attorney generals websites is another popular site where scams can be reported.

- - is an Australian website and deals with a lot of lottery and phishing scams. Basically a site that helps and promotes consumer protection and fair trading. There are linkss to scam watch Australia.

- this websites gives comprehensive list of scams and how to report them especially for Canadian citizens since it's a Canadian website.

- has a US and Canadian site and educates people on the types of businesses scams and how to report it and a set of guidelines to follow when reporting scam.

- - is a site maintained by the government to report scams and educate people on the scams that are being carried out currently. - - contains dozens of sample scam letters that are sent out to potential victims. Help is given to those who want to report investment scams and other financial scams. It is an independent website and there is no government collaboration. There are useful resources and tips to spot various types of scams.

- - Sign up for free scam updates. Outlines the various types of scams and how to spot them early and report them. Feature a lot of affiliate sites and has a lot of information on scams.

- - a very comprehensive site that help you report a scam. There are plenty of stories of victims and their fate. A very encouraging site to report scams. Features various types of scams that were reported. Plenty of affiliated links.

- - a forum that gives you insight on how to report a scam from victims and other experts. You can select which scam you would want to know or report about. There is a forum for every scam.

- a site that will not take you very long to report a scam. These sites contain a complaint form straight away that you can fill out and submit. No other information is available in the website. The information forwarded to the Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading for their action.

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